Thursday, May 1, 2008

Part 1: Why in childhood?
Kids like stories and want to hear interesting ones because they are fun and funny to them. They can learn many things from a story that can help with their reading, listening skills and making good choices. What kids get out of the experience is a story they can share with other people and that helps their communication skills. Listening to stories let the kids feel like they are in a imaginative world where anything could happen.

Part 2: Why later in life?
Older people from high school and beyond read for facts, opinions, to write a paper and to just enjoy reading a book that’s fiction or non-fiction. The experience they can get will help them know more things or to pass a class. Older people read to learn more things or just to have something to read that’s very interesting in any way.

Part 3: Why in our nation?
Stories are important to our nation because ever since humans stepped foot on earth they told stories that are heard today about the past. Knowing about what happen before your time is something a lot of our nation’s people want to know. We read a lot of stories from different writers to see what they have to say about famous people or what happens in everyday life like the news paper.

Part 4: Your stories
I remember stories about my family members, friends and made up ones. Green eggs and ham is one of my favorite children books that were read to me many of times. I loved the Dr. Seuss series and still do. He is a really good children writer that writes books that kids go crazy for.

Part 5: Characteristics of a well-told story
Stories should have well written plots, drama, many of emotions, good/bad characters, mysteries, one main character (or a couple), and well thought out twists.